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Updates · Oct, 2023 · 4 min
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In the past few months, we’ve been working hard and have implemented some significant improvements in seospark that will greatly support you in your SEO efforts. What exactly these are and how they will benefit you in your daily SEO endeavors, you’ll find out now.

1. Keyword Discovery

Abbildung 1: Keyword Discovery Vorschau inkl. Einstellung der Ergebnisse

The Keyword Discovery Tool is an evolution of the old Keyword Research Tool. It has become a new standalone tool that offers many new possibilities for keyword research.

New Keyword Database

One of the innovations is our keyword database, which we have significantly expanded. This results in two outstanding advantages for you:

1) No More Keyword Restrictions

With our new Keyword Discovery feature, there are no more limits when it comes to discovering keywords. This means you can find, filter, and utilize up to 1 million long-tail keywords for specific seed keywords.

This groundbreaking capability opens up entirely new opportunities for SEO agencies in keyword research. Thanks to the improved data quality, agency clients can be advised even more efficiently, and more informed decisions can be made in content planning.

2) Preview of Results (see Figure 1)

Now, there is the possibility to preview the availability of keywords for a selected seed keyword and assess the potential value of the search before making a query. This feature provides significant benefits by minimizing time and resource investment while significantly enhancing the quality of the long-tail keywords found.

Of course, prioritization is primarily based on search volume, even when search results are limited.

Semantic Keywords

Anyone who has conducted keyword research before knows that almost all keyword tools struggle to find relevant long-tail keywords for very niche topics through Google Suggests.

We’ve recognized this issue and added the capability to search for semantic keywords in Keyword Discovery. Semantic keywords, in our context, are defined by their very close thematic connection to your seed keyword.

This means that your seed keyword may not necessarily appear in the results found. However, semantic keywords offer you several advantages, including:

  • Increased Relevance: Semantic keywords are closely related to your main keyword, which means they can be naturally integrated into your content. This enhances the relevance of your content for search engines and users.
  • Better Visibility in Search Engines: Since semantic keywords increase the thematic depth of your content, it can lead to your page appearing in search results for a broader range of search queries.
  • Avoiding Keyword Stuffing: Using semantic keywords allows you to avoid keyword stuffing by using natural variations instead of repeating your main keyword unnaturally often.

2. SERP-Overlap and Topic Clustering

One of the most significant improvements in this update is the SERP Overlap Clusters. You may have heard of SERP Overlap before. It involves comparing the similarity of individual SERPs for keywords and presenting it as a percentage value.

It focuses on which URLs rank in the SERPs for each keyword.

SERP Overlap Erklärung.

For example:

“The URLs in the SERP for the keyword ‘Golf Bag’ and the URLs in the SERP for the keyword ‘Golf Tasche’ overlap by 70%.”

You can use this result to adjust your content planning. In the example above, it would make sense to create a single piece of content optimized for both “Golf Bag” and “Golf Tasche” keywords.

With SERP Overlap Clustering, seospark simplifies this process for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of keywords simultaneously.

You can use the clustering tool to group your own keyword lists, or you can simply use the results from Keyword Discovery (or any other tools from seospark) to have them grouped.

3. Event System

Our new Event System is designed to make your keyword queries even more efficient. Events, such as notifications, will inform you when a query has been processed and completed.

Not too long ago, at seospark, you had to initiate a query and wait on the loading screen until the results were ready. That has now changed! You can continue to use the tool and will be notified with a notification once your query is finished.

This allows you to use seospark even faster and more conveniently.

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