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What to Expect from Our Onboarding Meeting:

  1. Enhanced Keyword Insights for Better Rankings: Our expert will walk you through the process of discovering powerful keywords, starting with one of your chosen seed keywords. Learn techniques to independently uncover more valuable insights for either your own use or for your clients.
  2. Efficient Grouping of Keyword Lists at Scale: Discover how to cluster up to 100,000 keywords based on Google Search Result Pages (SERPs). This strategy is vital for enhancing your content and improving your search rankings.
  3. In-depth Competitor Analysis via URL: Gain access to a method that reveals all the rankings of your competitors. Use these insights to strengthen your own SEO strategy by identifying both your and your competitors’ areas for improvement.

Optional Pre-Meeting Preparation: For a more streamlined meeting, feel free to send us your seed keyword and URL using the provided form. This allows us to prepare the necessary data in advance, making our session even more productive and focused.